Unekorn Ultra Comfort Adjustable Make Ameowica Great Again MAGA Trump Slogan Cat Hat Pet Costume for Halloween Parties and Instagram Pictures Make America Great Again Cat Hat

$27.99 $19.99

● (=^o^=) Hello “hooman”, buy me this hat so we can occupy the Earth and make Ameowica great again.
● (灬ºωº灬)It fits most of my fellow cats of average size. If it’s too large for your kitten, you can cut the velcro to make a better fit.
● ✺◟(*◕ω◕)◞✺Its foam padded top and elastic band makes me feel purrfect.
● (✪ω✪)Crown me with this hat and the dog will know who’s the real king/queen of the house!
● (๑Ő௰Ő๑)Post me wearing this hat on Instagram with #magacat. That’s our secret sign for uprising and conquerring the Earth.