Trump 2020 Beer Bottle Insulator – MAGA Donald Trump Beer Gifts For Men Under 20 Dollars to Make America Great Again, Insulated Cooler Sleeve with Zipper and Built-In Removable Bottle Opener (4-Pack)

$39.99 $27.99

● ? KEEP AMERICA’S BEER GREAT – Be the envy of the party when you break out these Make America Great Again 12-ounce beverage holders that display your support for President Donald J. Trump! ?? No one likes warm beer, so show your buddies that you are doing your part to help keep America great by bringing this coozie 4-pack to the next get-together. Once you wrap your long neck ale in this awesome novelty thermal cooler, you will never want to drink another cold cerveza without it!
● ? BEER’S BEST OUTDOOR FRIEND – This insulating bottlekeeper is ideal for drinking a brewski outdoors. Whether at the beach, ?️ a pool-side barbecue, ? camping, ?️ or a tailgate party before the big game, ? be sure to insulate your hops to keep them chilled on hot days. Memorial Day, ?? 4th of July, ? and all other outdoor patriotic BBQ parties, all call for the coldest ❄️ brew possible, and this bottle keeper helps contribute to that great cause.
● ☃️ GREAT FOR WINTER – This beverage insulation case is also great for cool weather, allowing your hands to stay warm ☀️ while you enjoy your icy booze, ❄️ so keep it handy at Thanksgiving, ? Christmas, ? New Year’s, ? and all other winter get-togethers. And be ready to bust out these coozies for the Election Day after-party on November 3, when every American’s attention will turn to politics, and Trump supporters everywhere head to the polling place to re-elect #45! ?
● ? PREMIUM NEOPRENE MATERIAL – This thermal sleeve is made from the same material as a wetsuit, making it well insulated to keep your brews colder. It is also easy to grip and remains stable when set on a sturdy surface. Plus, since it is zippered and slightly stretchy, it is easy to put on and take off, ensuring a comfortable fit on most 12 ounce beer and soft drink bottles. The sleeve also has the added convenience of having a built-in holder for the removable bottle opener (included).
● ? VERSATILE – This insulative cover is 7.5″ (19cm) tall and comfortably fits glass, aluminum and plastic bottles with a round base that measure up to 2.25″ (6cm) in diameter. While not designed for traditional aluminum cans, it could be adapted to accommodate a slim can, such as the Michelob Ultra slim cans, but the zipper will not close and the top will need to be folded down to prevent it from sticking up over the top of the can.