Fairly Odd Novelties Donald Trump Bowl Brush w Base 3 Pack Toilet Paper Set White Elephant Novelty Gag Gift Make Bathrooms Again, Yellow

$39.99 $22.99

● Nullify
● A BRILLIANT DEAL! – This hilarious Trump brush w base and toilet paper set is sure to be a hit in any bathroom. A deal fit for the Donald himself!
● NO SMEAR CAMPAIGN HERE! – Strong plastic construction means this brush is actually functional! One image per sheet, digitally printed to never smudge or smear.
● BI-PARTISAN BOWEL MOVEMENTS! – Perfect for Trump supporters and haters alike! This brush can bring everyone’s favorite president or punching bag to their own Oval Office.
● A PRESIDENTIAL PRESENT! – An excellent gag gift for any birthday, white elephant, company function, or secret santa. Just be sure to bring your own fast food trays!
● NO FAKE NEWS HERE! – Your satisfaction is with this product, what you see is exactly what you get or your money back.