Donald Trump Toilet Brush Toilet Paper Bundle Funny Political Gag Novelty Item (Holder Included)

$31.99 $21.99

● 15.7-inch toilet brush, it’s just the right size to fit into an out-of-the way nook or cranny
● 🎁 GAG GIFT 2019: liberal or conservative, roll out some Trump humor, the perfect prank gift for your political allies or foes.
● Forty-five won’t disappoint as he puts his glorious golden faux-locks to work to drain that porcelain swamp. Your toilet is going to look so good folks, believe me.
● Super cheap thrill for anytime you are mad about the news. Just start scrubbing your toilet with Donny’s head, you’ll wish that it was the real thing.
● Investment in your happiness: If you have to clean your toilet, can you really put a price on smiling while you do it?